Venture Design x Stedger

Venture Design x Stedger

With this collaboration you will be able to:
1. Publish products in seconds with all content preloaded with the single click of a button.
2. Never update your stock again - Stedger does it for you.
3. Orders are automatically forwarded to Venture Design.

We are happy to announce that Venture Design has partnered up with Stedger!

Venture Design operates as wholesalers of outdoor and indoor furniture. The company was founded in its current form in 2014 and today we have over 200 resellers all over Scandinavia and about 20 more countries, around Europe, both classic furniture stores and online-based companies. We have offices in both Sweden and China with over 55 employees. 

We are constantly working to develop our products from a sustainable and environmentally friendly perspective. A business which, among other things, is clearly imbued with innovative thinking, where we ourselves both design, develop, market and distribute furniture with Scandinavian style and high value for money. The stylish and timeless design makes it easy for you to create a home to enjoy. 

What underlies Venture Design’s success is our modern corporate ideology, it has made us grow at a steady pace thanks to long experience in the furniture industry and a young and modern thinking and hungry approach. It is today that counts, not tomorrow.

We provide you with 10-15 high quality product photos for every product, both environmental and single photos.

Product data ready to use.

More products online

More products - more sales.

Publishing products is a tedious and manual taks, or at least it was! Get access to and publish all Venture Design products directly to your shop in seconds.
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Orders made easy.

Orders are sent directly to Venture Design. They ship the products, and let's your shop know when to close the order.

Reseller integrations

Your resellers can integrate with all popular eCommerce platforms.


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