Product data sharing

Stedger is an excellent tool to share product data between suppliers and resellers, more specifically:

  • All core product data, such as title, SKU, description and more.
  • Stock & price data (this is kept updated if live data is provided).
  • Images for each product.
  • The above can be provided in any language and currency.
  • Fully integrated from brand to retailer.

This is what a product looks like inside Stedger:


Share core product data

With Stedger, you no longer have to modify and update hundreds of different files, because we ensure everything is available in the same format – with every data point available in one place.

Step 1 is getting the data into Stedger. This can be done through:

  1. Integrations (such as Shopify or API).
  2. Live files (such as FTP or a URL).
  3. Manual uploads.

Step 2 is sharing the data with your resellers—this can also be done in many different ways, but we’ve ensured that it’s never been easier or faster for you or your resellers to share and receive product data than it is through Stedger.

Option 1: Integrations

The fully integrated solution is by far the best – and it doesn’t have to be complicated or technically challenging.

Shopify integration


With our Shopify integration, it takes just a few seconds to connect your Shopify store to Stedger.

We automatically extract your products from the store into Stedger, including price, images, titles, SKUs and more.


API integration

Stedger’s API allows you to integrate product data with any source.

Integrating an API is usually quite technical and will require a developer to successfully complete.

Find Stedger’s API documentation here to learn more.

Option 2: Live data through FTP or URL

An easy way to import your data – and still keep it updated – is through our Product Importer.


Simply insert your URL or FTP information and the file will be available to work with in the Product Importer:


And that’s it – the data is now available inside Stedger and kept updated with changes in your FTP or URL file.

Option 3: Manual upload

A manual upload is very similar to the process above, but updates need to be uploaded manually every single time.

However, they will be available to all connected resellers at once, which is much easier than handling them one by one.

Prices, fees and shipping rules

Stedger can do a lot more than simply distribute product data in a smart and integrated way.


It’s possible to upload price lists and order rules for different countries and currencies.

With our automation tool, you can apply rules that ensure everything is kept updated (see the picture above).

This way, you can work around one single file but get updates on endless currencies, countries, and shipping rules.

These different sets of rules, currencies, and zones can be applied to each customer.