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Your eCom store - thousands of products - 0% inventory risk.

Connect to Stedger in 60 seconds - or through our API.
Automate your product publishing, product updates and dropshipping orders from all your suppliers.

Stedger Overview

Choose and create products

Access all your connected suppliers' products in Stedger. Create them in your shop with 1 click.

Stay updated

With products connected through Stedger, your shop is always updated with the latest stock amounts & prices.

Unified orders

Purchase orders to your own warehouse or dropshipping to your customers? Stedger handles both for all your suppliers.

Get started in minutes

With our standard integrations for all major eCommerce platforms, you can start using Stedger in a few minutes.

Larger selection, same risk
Increase your assortment - by a lot

Offer a broader range of products with no inventory hassle or risk

Like other successful eCommerce companies, you've realized that your assortment needs to match the market demand, your speed to market needs to be fast and your processes optimized -
ultimately growing your sales massively.

With Stedger this is all possible.

Stedger enables you to
1) Expand your product offering in minutes without any inventory risk.
2) Keep your customers satisfied and increase margins.
Product management

No more CSV. Forget Excel.

Endless product imports with each their own formats and columns are a sure recipe for an existential crisis. We're here to solve that.
All your suppliers' products are ready to choose and import from with a few clicks inside Stedger.
Order management

Emails, B2B shops & phone calls. Why?

Emails back and forth, copy-pasting SKU's and logging in to 30 different B2B shops - that's not fun.
Stedger can create and send purchase orders or dropshipping orders to all your connected suppliers. More fun - more time for the important tasks.

Our integrations

Stedger integrates with your eCommerce platform.


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