Our customers

Our customers


Mhome has both an online and a physical store with a small warehouse. Half a year ago they offered 150 products, while now they have nearly 4000 connected through Stedger alone.

“Stedger is the biggest factor in our recent growth. From one day to another we can offer a thousand products more with the same warehouse. Now we can offer large items like couches, that we would not otherwise have the space for.”

On top of that Mads-Emil – the founder of Mhome, worked with many different suppliers and appreciates the simplicity of Stedger software.

“Stedger saves me a lot of manual work. When each supplier uses different formats and systems, adding new products can take me days. It’s a full time job to manage that. With Stedger it’s the matter of minutes and everything is live updated.”

Additionally, Stedger lifted many logistic problems of Mhome’s shoulders. They no longer have to worry about the packaging or shipping as it’s on the supplier side. That includes handling large orders that can otherwise get very costly.

Moreover, Mads-Emil values Stedger customer support, its high responsiveness and dedication.

“With Stedger customer support I feel like I can influence the changes in the software and simply have something to say. The issues I ask to be fixed are usually handled immediately. It’s crucial that I can forward the information to the customer the same day, not in a week. This is why we really trust the system and we want to grow with it.”

Mads Emil Jensen, CEO of Mhome

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