About us

We believe that people at their best, build the best.

Every business deserves access to the best solutions in order to stay ahead of their competitors. That's why Stedger is for everyone and why we are solving some of the biggest issues in a simple way.


Our Story

Stedger was founded because we struggled with the exact same issues we're solving today. Another important thing was building the best workplace we could imagine. Those two things are in our DNA: Product and People.

People first

Caring is part of who we are

The foundation of Stedger is not only built upon a dream of building the best platform for improving eCommerce businesses, but also how we could create the best work environment and enable our colleagues to be the best version of themselves.

Our values


Honesty in itself is "nice". But truly caring about your peers and being honest in your communication and feedback is key to improving the business and starting a positive feedback loop.


We have nothing to hide. Almost every aspect of the business is shared freely with the whole Stedger organization. We want our colleagues to have a sense of ownership and accountability.


Even though we have a lot of fun along the way and have a big respect and compassion for other aspects of life, we still expect the best. This is because our team and our customers deserve the best.

The team

Frederik Brøcker

Account Executive

Casper Høholt

Chief Commercial Officer

Haris Music

Chief Executive Officer

Kristoffer Dorph

Chief Technology Officer

Let's create some magic together.