Stedger Product Updates

July 2021

We’re back again with your favourite product updates – let’s jump straight into it!

Stedger has become a lot more flexible and easier to work with while making big improvements in “the engine room” to make sure everything runs smoothly. Even when handling millions of products.

Here are a few of our changes and additions to Stedger.

New filter options

Working with many products can be tough. That’s why we’re constantly working on our filtering options to make it easier.

Zoom in on what you need with the requirements that are relevant to your business. You can easily choose the filtered products now with even more parameters to work with. Selecting and creating products has never been easier with Stedger!

Merge variants into one product

Not all products are equal. Some like to have some flavour to them. Maybe a nice selection of colors? Or sizes?

Whatever it is, we can connect each variant to make sure the correct items are automatically ordered. When you connect your products, we make sure no data points are lost.

Performance boost

Working with large product libraries surely requires a fast engine.

And boy is it fast. We can import hundreds of thousands of products into Stedger in no time. Think you have what it takes to put us to the test? Bring it on!

3rd party content enrichment

Creating products fast and easily is great… but what if the most important data is missing? Nah.

We have our own integration with Icecat now, which allows product enrichment during product creation. With more than 10 million products there’s plenty of data to get a hold of – right where you need it the most.

More control with product data in Shopify

You might have your reasons for telling Stedger to “take it easy with all these up-to-date data points”!

We understand that – every business has different needs. That’s why you can choose your own path. Maybe you don’t want to keep Price from your suppliers up to date. And that’s okay! And possible now!

Shipping mapping

Now it’s possible to map your shipping methods in an easy way. This ensures that your orders are sent the right way when shipped directly from the supplier.

Stay tuned!

We have some very exciting updates coming up next – and also some very ambitious and interesting suppliers are joining are platform and we are very excited to have them as well as our amazing eCommerce customers. Thank you!