Automate product publishing and order processing in eCommerce

Every eCommerce manager – working with product data or order processing – knows how tedious and time-consuming it is to efficiently manage these core aspects of an eCommerce store. If you publish products one by one or do large imports, … Read More


What is dropshipping? Pros and cons.

What exactly is dropshipping?
And what advantages and disadvantages are there?

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Setting up Icecat in Stedger

Onboarding Setting up Icecat in Stedger Follow the simple steps below to active Icecat in Stedger – for easier product enrichment! Step 1 – Find your Icecat username Make sure you have a user (or create one at After creating … Read More

Stedger for Manual Suppliers

Onboarding Stedger for Manual Suppliers Stedger can be integrated directly to any system and run completely on its own. Sometimes it might be necessary to do certain things manually and in this guide we will show you how they’re done. … Read More

Setup WooCommerce

Onboarding WooCommerce Step 1 – Create API key in WooCommerce In your WordPress backend, choose WooCommerce : Settings : Advanced : Rest API Fill out the description field so that you can identify the API key. Copy and temporarily save the Consumer … Read More

Setup Shopify

Onboarding Setup Shopify Step 1 – Installing the Stedger App Click Setting in the left-hand menu Click New App in the top-right corner In the pop-up click Shopify Enter your Shopify URL ( and click Setup App Make sure you’re logged into your Shopify Account and accept the … Read More

Stedger Product Updates – July 2021

Stedger Product Updates July 2021 We’re back again with your favourite product updates – let’s jump straight into it! Stedger has become a lot more flexible and easier to work with while making big improvements in “the engine room” to … Read More

Stedger Product Updates – April 2021

Stedger Product Updates April 2021 This update is a big one – all for the last 4 months. We have been met with a lot of feedback from our customers and it’s some very valuable stuff. Here are some of … Read More

Stedger Product Updates – November 2020

Stedger Product Updates November 2020 This month didn’t only come with a very busy time for most e-commerce stores, but also a very busy and exciting time for Stedger. We listen to our customers every day and this month was … Read More

Setup SmartWeb / ScanNet / Dandomain

Onboarding Setup SmartWeb / ScanNet / Dandomain Step 1 – Create API user in webshop Choose Indstillinger : Medarbejdere : Opret medarbejdere Fill out the fields. Remember the e-mail and password (needed in the next step) Choose API under Tilladelser Click Gem Step 2 – Connect webshop … Read More