Welcome to your new Stedger Account

Follow these easy steps to Setup Stedger.

Login to Stedger:

First step is logging into Stedger.

Go to and click Login.

Type in your email address and click Continue.

You will now receive an email with a secure login link which will take you to Stedger.

Connecting your Shop:

Next step is connecting your shop to Stedger.

Find Settings in Stedger and scroll down to find Connected Apps.

Click New App and choose the system you are using.

Fill in the information and click Install App.

Setting up your Connection:

To set up your connection go to Settings.

Click on your Connection and look through the settings.

Some systems require additional setup so check the links below.

Fill in Company Information

To fill in your company information go to Settings.

Fill in all the empty fields to ensure that your suppliers have the information they need.

Your Stedger account is now ready. 

How to use Stedger

Adding Products to Library

You are now ready to start selling products through Stedger.

First step is to add products to your Library.

Go to Shared Products and select the products you want in your library.

Now click Add to Library to add them to your Library.

OBS: Only products marked with DS are eligible for dropshipping.

Connect Products to your shop:

Your products are now in your Library, ready to be connected to your shop.

Go to Product Library and select the products you want connected.

Click Connect Products to start syncing the products to your shop.

Your products are now available as draft in your shop and connected to Stedger.

Forward Dropship Orders

To forward an order you need to go to the order page.

You will receive an email with a link taking you to the order or you can login to Stedger and choose Orders.

Open the order and click Forward Order.

The order status will change from Unfulfilled to Forwarded when the order is forwarded.

When the supplier has packed and shipped the order, the status of the order will change to Fulfilled in Stedger.

This will trigger your payment capture on your shop system.

Place a Purchase Order

Stedger makes it possible to order products from multiple suppliers in one place.

To make a Purchase Order all you have to do is open up Purchase Orders in Stedger.

Click Browse Products and start selecting the products you want to buy.

When you are done selecting products click the Send Order button and await your products to arrive.

Find more suppliers:

More products give you more opportunities for selling.

With Stedger it has never been easier to find new suppliers.

Go to Suppliers in Stedger.

Click Discover Suppliers to find new suppliers.

Simply fill out the form and wait for the supplier to reach out to you.