All-in-one dropshipping platform.

Stedger - main dropshipping illustration

We’ve built something complex so you don’t have to.

Stedger is a simple-to-use platform that

  1. Creates products on your webshop from all your suppliers – just select and publish.
  2. Keeps the product data updated directly from your suppliers.
  3. Automates dropshipping orders 100%.

Product creation
- the way it should be

We know how frustrating and time-consuming it can be to work with multiple CSV files, image banks and of course with a lot of different suppliers.

Most are very different from the others and it requires a lot of work, communicating back and forth, remapping in Excel, downloading images and so forth.

The worst thing is – after all the hard work is done, new products are available and it’s necessary to start over the process.


This takes away crucial time and speed from building what’s truly beneficial for your eCommerce business.


Stedger does all the heavy lifting for you!

Frequently asked questions

Stedger handles most standard fields and we’re expanding our support for more customized setups as well.

  • Title
  • Description
  • Cost price
  • Recommended retail price
  • Images
  • Stock amount
  • SKU
  • EAN
  • Brand
  • Tags
  • Weight

We’ve built modules that enable us to efficiently work with most data and image formats. Allowing us to onboard suppliers at a fast pace and ensure data quality.

We support API, CSV, Excel, JSON, XML and more.

Suppliers need to be onboarded. Simply refer them to us and we will help them get started!

If they’re already on Stedger, they can simply invite you to start sharing products and accepting orders.

It depends on the supplier integration. In some instances it’s instant, in others once a day.

Yes, some fields are optional. For instance you can choose if you want to publish a product to your store with the recommended retail price, but not to update it going forward.

Dropshipping orders

When dropshipping successfully, one of the main challenges is to make sure the products are shipped to the end customer.

It usually involves placing orders manually on a B2B shop. That’s fine for the supplier, but very time-consuming and tedious for you as a retailer.


Stedger simply automates every single step of managing dropshipping orders.

1) Ensuring the product is to be dropshipped.

2) Automatically placing the order.

3) Automatically updating the order status in your shop and sending the T&T to the end-customer.

Frequently asked questions

We know exactly what items belong to what supplier. Therefore we can split the orders and ignore order lines that are not relevant for the supplier.

Some eCommerce platforms support multiple locations which allows us to ignore order lines that are already in stock.


You can choose what order lines should be forwarded and in what quantity. Or completely remove order lines. This only works if auto-forwarding of orders is disabled.

If the supplier has integrated their order management system or shop to Stedger, it will be transferred to that system per their requirements.

If not, they can fulfill the orders in Stedger and insert T&T manually.

Nothing – just enjoy your growth and extra time!

Get started

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After your suppliers have approved access to their products, you can simply select and import 
– directly into your shop.

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