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Distribute Products in one place

Update your product data to Stedger - and we'll make sure it's distributed to all your eCommerce resellers. Instantly.

Receive orders In One Place

Orders from your resellers are automatically sent to Stedger - and on to you.

Get more resellers

Grow your business at a rapid pace.

Extend your reach to hundreds of resellers all across Europe.

Free for suppliers

Using Stedger is free for suppliers/brands. Onboarding might have costs associated.

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No-code Product Management

Simply upload your product CSV file to Stedger by mapping each data point, such as images, titles, SKUs, prices, etc.

From there, all your data is automatically distributed to all your connected eCommerce resellers!

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Easy for retailers to join

We can onboard your eCommerce retailers in a few minutes.

Simply invite them through Stedger, and they’ll have access to the specified products you’ve shared!