Getting started with Stedger

This guide helps you understand how Stedger integrates with your existing eCommerce platform and suppliers.

Setting up an app

To start publishing products to your eCommerce store, you need to integrate with your platform. You can integrate with multiple, on the same account, but for now we recommend you just have a single eCommerce connected per account, as that will give you the best experience.

Here are our guides to setup an app which will connect to your platform

As some suppliers do not provide product data, such as images and description we recommend you also take a look at our Icecat app – but keep in mind that app has an extra monthly fee.

As soon as you have your apps connected you can start publishing products!

Getting started with dropshipping

Once you’ve set up the product connection it’s time to start importing and connecting products to your eCommerce. Connecting products allows you to easily create new products, with images and product data, but it also allows you to dropship products if any of your suppliers allows it.

To get started dropshipping follow this guide here